Does Ranking #1 on Google Brings You The Business Or Getting Tons Of Traffic Brings You The Business

Good morning Internet, For getting business we first need customers, Where to find customers is another instance. For online business your customers is over internet like social media & internet surfing. By the let me tell you that in today’s time a customers have more option then they are required For eg: suppose a person need to buy an AC. Then he have many option to choose from like Lloyd, LG, Samsung & many more. You can also see in mobile phone industries there are many options to choose from but for a brand there is less option to showcase the product for eg: one brand has one customer for on product. And in online marketing the main thing is to grab the attention of the people on internet. Average attention of human in 2000 was 12 sec & Average attention time of human in 2015 was 8.25 sec. So according to my opinion rank & traffic both are important ranking on first page of google will display your website or showcase your brand on internet but this does not guaranteed that you will get more & more traffic. To get more traffic you have be present on the platform where your customers are. If your business is totally depend upon the traffic, views engagement then this is definitely your ranking matter most like blogging, affiliate, adsence etc.

Want To Increase Traffic Go For SEO.

In today’s time you can see that most of the people are on internet and spend their time on media like YouTube, Instagram, and Tik-Tok etc. So showcase your brand there. That bring you more & more traffic to your website. 

Conclusion: The rank on google make your website visible to others and increase your website reputation by ranking your website on Top 5 Search result. And about traffic you can get traffic from google search result also if you deliver good and relevant content on your website. But leverage other media also to boost your sales

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