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Starting a business or a start-up take a lots to hard work. You have to do more no. of work hours than a job employee. You have to sacrifice your comfort zone totally where a employee have weekend you have to be at your work office. If you still want to start a start-up/ Business. Then you have taken your first step toward building your start-up empire. So the first step to build a start-up/business is to first build your mind-set and prepare yourself for lifelong learning. Because the founder of any start-up /business they do not restrict themselves to limited knowledge. You can google any of the start-up/Business and read about their founders.

Now the next step towards your start-up is your Product/Service you want to provide to people. Start-up doesn’t mean to sell anything. Start-up means a product/service which add a value to someone .you cannot develop a product that no one is need. If you are developing the product which is already in the market then you have to find its loophole and repair that loophole then relabel the same product with your Brand. For example you can see the there are so many companies with the same product like Taxi services (OLA,UBER,ZoomCars etc.) have to tried to find out why they are still alive in the market. They have some unique selling point in their companies it can be internal or external. So you also have find your product’s Unique selling point.

Now till here you have got your 1) mind-set 2) product Idea.

Now the third step is to develop a plan and start executing it. Now you will learn how to develop a plan you can use many templets available on Internet for starting up you can use that or you can develop your own. But do follow your plan it’s very important. Because a Few hours of developing a plan and following can keep you away from many hurdles, stress, time wasting activities. Now you have started your start-up/Business till here you can experience what it take to start a business. Now it’s time to bring some members in your start-up/Business for more quality product. Because as you start-up begin to grow you have to provide a quality product. It’s not important to hire you can ask some of your friend if available for required domain or take some trainees with you. Train them and use them in your start-up.

After that you have proper team in your start-up and every things is going perfect now it’s time to scale your start-up to level 2.Try to expand your network with this you will be expanding your reach to more clients for that you can join Meetup groups participate in various business Submits from there you will get more ideas and technique form other leader in the market or Industries.

Your complete start-up has been converted to an just focus and move forward.

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