Every Thing To Know About SEO…!

If you’re reading this blog then you might be in Digital Marketing as a career (student) or as a professional. And you might know about SEO. But this blog I am writing for the student who are going to peruse their career in digital marketing or already getting training.

So Hello Friends today I cover some question which are asked by my people in SEO.

Point that I will cover today….

  • A Brief introduction to SEO
  • Why we need SEO?
  • What are some process of SEO?
  • Should we do SEO in 2022?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO also called Search Engine Optimization. All major search engine like google, yahoo, Bing etc. show result of webpage search for a particular Keyword. SEO is mainly is the process of getting traffic towards your websites organically means free traffic. Where every search engine has its own crawler bot which capture the webpages indexed them and stored in its database. Whenever the query or a Keyword is being search on search engine it shows result (SERP= Search Engine Result Page) from its database with respect to the website link. You see many result on your search result but you only click from top 5 website shown in result & you never go to second page of result page. There come the role of SEO in ranking your website in top 10 or Top 5 result of search engine result page.

Why we need SEO?

As above I have told to, we need SEO to rank your website in top 10 or top 5 of SERP. But remember we not need SEO to just rank in top results. Our main motive to do a SEO of website is to rank on search engine as well as to bring some business through your website & try to rank your website in 0th position in SERP. 0th position is result which is on top of the result 1st. See in Example:-

Yes, many website rank here also this is called knowledge box/snippet it shows direct answer to the search keyword.

By ranking on search engine in top 10 result keep your website in the eye of traffic if your website dedicated to some niche than ranking on top 10 result will definitely will bring traffic toward your website & Bring you the business that matters now days to other business if your website rank on top result but does not bring traffic or business than is not worth it. But if your website not rank on top result than it definitely you will not get traffic nor business. So ranking your website in top matter.

What is the process of SEO?

                You might be think how to do SEO, what are the process of SEO, Step by Step guide to SEO. I will show the process since explaining this process will take long blog post and it will hard for you guys to understand for that I will make a video tutorial and you will find that in website Knowledge Box > GrowMyBusiness TV soon. Till then see the process which are include in the process of SEO.

  • Keyword Research for the specific product & Service of the website.
  • Website Analysis for the error on website which is also called Website Audit.
  • On-Page Optimization of the website using the website audit result.
  • Prepare the targeted audience and place where you can find them like FB Groups, FB Pages, Forums, YT Channels, Many more which is related to your targeted audience.
  • Start link Building the process of making Backlinks

** Always remember SEO is Not One Time Process. It’s always an On Going Process your competitors. Do you remember in starting of the blog we have talked about Top 10 or Top 5 result, Yess! That is the point that make it always an On-going Process.

See Top 10 Reason Why SEO is Continuous Process through this Infographics:–

Should We SEO In 2022?

Everything around us is going digital online platform from ordering food online to book your hotel to online classes when everything Is going online then there business similar to each other like Amazon-Flipkart-Alibaba-Aliexpress , Online payment  categories PayTm-AmazonPay-PhonePe. What you see here Competitions dude where there is competition there is huge “Money” behind that so why we should not do SEO. Every brand want to be in top result of search engine.

** Listen only SEO will not do anything every business who is an MNC or Big Turnover Company they follow Omni Channel promotion like they make budget for every platform.

They spend some money in SEO Strategies, Some are spent in Social Media Platforms, and some are spend in Paid advertisement like PPC (Pay Per Click) SMM (Social Media Marketing) paid one. So we should follow Omni Channel Strategies. To promote a Brand or Company. But selectively for product & service.

SEO is small part of Digital Marketing and very first step toward your digital marketing career than go for PPC it is a part of SEO than go for Social Media and so on other platform.

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