Biggest Change In Google My Business

As holidays were quickly approaching us and many of Indians started for holiday shopping. After covid-19 supporting local business is in  mind more. As everyone knows In-store shops has already started working in full peace and many of us are reliable on google local search for finding any thing near by us & Google planed to change in its local searching Google drop another bomb,

since we know how important GMB (Google My Business) listing is.

Recently google my business has drop some serious change/update in GMB listing. Google has changed GMB name to Google Business Profile. But it’s common that google has rename its products. Earlier it as called Google Local -> Google+ Local -> Google Places -> Google My Business. Now its officially changed to Google Business Profile. Changing name is common not an issue but there are more changes which might affect your GMB/Google Business Profile ranking & SEO Strategies.

So what have been change in this GMB or Google Business Profile Update.

  • GMB Dashboard will not be available for every business only bulk verified listing will be able to use it.

Small business will not have the option to view the dashboard only business with bulk/chain listing will have the dashboard. Other small business will get the information on Google SERP page directly.

  • GMB Dashboard features will be available on Google Search Result Page.

To view your google business profile you need to login with the email id you used to create your business profile then only you can view your Google Business Profile option on Google SERP.

  • Google My Business smartphone app will be removed
Source: Google
  • A Lot of Current option will be available directly on Google SERP
  • It also possible to get the review & question n answer management option will available on on google SERP page OR in Google Map.
Google New Interface For Small Business
  • Google My Business Dashboard name will be change to Google Business Manager and will be available to bulk verified business or chain business.
  • Google My Business API has been renamed to Business Profile API – All the API function will remain the same.

So these were the changes in the Google My Business, Now let see what it affect as SEO

  • Name change & app removal will be affect in upcoming weeks, Google My Business twitter page has been changed to Google Business Profile.
  • Google GMB ranking still not affected by this but google has already testing to show 5 business listing instead of 3 but its not fully live yet.
  • But it is predicted that if google make it live for everyone then there are more chance of competition as it will bring more leads & business.

But don’t worry we are here to get provide all the changes in name or option change will tell you about this ASAP so stay connected with us and subscribe to our blog “digitalKartik”