Hi, I am Kartik Kumar AKA digitalkartik

I have a passion for Digital Marketing & Business.why I have started offering my services as Freelance, I am also new to it. Yup you got it wright I am new to freelance. As you know everyone has to start from 0, This is my start but Its not like that if am new to freelance then there will be bad quality work you will get good quality as I also want to grow with you. I enjoy digital marketing especially SEO | Social Media | Video on a variety of business and I take pleasure in immersing myself in learning about new and exciting areas. I have plenty of experience in various business site as of SEO professional. I adapt meticulously researching to the business on which I work, with knowledge, interest & personal experience in career. I am also geek person love tech & gadgets. To know about me checkout my LinkedIn page (kartikkumarkashyap) Apart from professional life I am bike enthusiast love traveling & video games.




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Web Designer 51%
Social Media 90%
Search Engine Optimization 93%
Online Ads 76%

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